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1st Online are specialist Contractor Accountants who provide a modern solution to your needs as a Freelancer, Contractor or Consultant. We're here to help with everything from setting up your Limited Company to dealing with your Business Finances.

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New to Contracting?

Thinking of taking the step into contracting and don't know where to start?

Our Support team are here to help, we'll take care of setting up your Limited Company at no additional cost as well as helping with the opening of a Business Bank Account with Metrobank should you wish. We're also readily available to answer any technical queries you have along the way.

We provide all our Clients with a Professional Freelancer Guide which details everything you need to consider when working through your own Limited Company.

1st Online is powered by FreeAgent giving you a stable, intuitive and ever advancing way to manage your accounts. The system is designed to be as easy to use as possible, so even with no accounting experience managing your Company is easy. Click here for our site demos.

You are also able to trial the software, free for 30 days; contact us to find out more.

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Changing Accountants?

We've made switching to 1st Online as simple as it is to start up with us as someone new to Contracting. If you have already incorporated your Limited Company and want to change your Accountants then we would be delighted to hear from you on

Or, if you're ready to proceed with switching over to 1st Online click the sign up button, we'll then get in touch with your existing Accountant to start the switch and administer you with a login to the 1st Online system, leaving you to continue working as normal.

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Switching from Umbrella?

Are you ready to take the step out from under your Umbrella and move towards the Limited Company route? If you're looking for more control over your money then the Limited Company route can do that for you as well as helping you to become more tax efficient.

If you're happy with the added responsibility of operating through a Limited Company, 1st Online are here to help you get up and running by setting up your own Limited Company and help you to open a Business Bank account. We'll even provide you with our Professional Freelancer Guide that catalogues everything you need to know when working through a Limited Company for you making the transition from Umbrella stress free!

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Already using FreeAgent?

If you're already using FreeAgent to run the bookkeeping of your Limited Company and looking for support with your VAT returns, PAYE filing and Annual accounts from a Chartered Accountant then you can easily transfer your FreeAgent dashboard to 1st Online without changing a thing for you as the user. You'll keep all the information in your system to date as well as your login details but allow us access to handle the additional services you require.

Best of all there's no additional cost for transferring your dashboard to us!

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