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1st Online’s accounting services are powered by FreeAgent, a secure cloud accounting software that makes contractor accounting simple and efficient.

What is FreeAgent Accounting?

FreeAgent accounting software is a popular accounting solution for small businesses, contractors and freelancers. It is reliable, simple to use and trusted by thousands of businesses, which is exactly why 1st Online has chosen FreeAgent as our preferred accounting software. Our simple support packages help reduce the stress of running a company at a fixed and affordable fee. Find out more about what you get for your money with us.

How does it work?

FreeAgent is a cloud based software that can be accessed online anywhere, anytime. It is an integrated system that brings everything together in one place; invoicing, VAT payroll, self-assessment and more. Once you’ve signed up to a 1st Online package, you’ll have access to your FreeAgent dashboard where you can view and manage your finances in real time. You can easily link your online bank account so you can view and manage your daily transactions.  

FreeAgent Accounting Software Dashboard

What do our Cloud accounting packages offer?


With FreeAgent accounting you can create professional invoices that feature your company logo. Your invoice timeline will tell you exactly what invoices are paid, due or overdue and you can easily set up recurring invoices and reminders.


Staying on top of your expenses is important for your business so FreeAgent has made it easy to manage. Simply scan a receipt or take a photo from your phone and upload it to your 1st Online dash.


You can submit your tax return straight to HMRC through our software and with access to an instant tax timeline, you’ll never miss a taxation deadline again.


1st Online offer different FreeAgent accounting packages for contractors and small businesses, starting at just £20 per month, so you are only paying for the service you need.

With our Payroll+ VAT package you’ll receive online payroll capabilities with P11Ds prepared, along with registration for VAT and management of HMRC correspondence. You can also select our Annual Accounts package, which will include the preparation of your end of year accounts, corporate tax returns, dividend payments and use of the 1st Online registered office if you need it. Our most advanced package gives you all of these benefits, and is priced at just £59.98 per month.

Find out more about the benefits of running your business using FreeAgent software.

Control and Support

Using FreeAgent software with 1st Online for your accounting needs gives you complete control over your business’s finances, without the hassle of compiling spreadsheets, calculating liabilities and tracking HMRC deadlines yourself.

The 1st Online team has worked closely with contractors for many years, so we have a really good understanding of your exact needs and requirements. Included in every accounting package is our Professional Freelancers Guide which outlines all the considerations you need to make for salary, expenses and income extraction. If you’ve got a problem, our team are only an email or phone call away. We’ve even got a live online chat service for those times when you don’t want to call.

We’ve got all of your accountancy needs covered with our easy-to-use software and learned expertise. Our video guides show you how to use your FreeAgent dashboard and can be accessed any time you need a bit of guidance.

If you’d like to see if FreeAgent accounting software is for you please contact us for a 1 month free trial of the FreeAgent software!


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